Branton doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t support Atlanta teams. He will, however, grudgingly talk to you if you have a great joke or two. As a Deaf person who grew up in a Deaf family, Branton likes to think he’s the epitome of a southern gentleman, even if he’s the king of jokes. Growing up with numerous communication modes ranging from Signed Exact English to cued speech to oralism to Pidgin Sign English to American Sign Language (ASL) was confusing. But Branton is grateful for this confusion, because it has given him plenty of content for his stand-up comedy routines.

It was when Branton began working with renowned comedian Keith Wann during the ASL Comedy Tour that he discovered his enthusiasm for comedy and storytelling. He has trained with renowned actors such as Bernard Bragg, Patrick Graybill and Ricky Smith, learning performance techniques and timing.

Branton also owns CDI Network, a Deaf interpreting agency that provides interpreter services, mentoring and workshops. He makes his home in California with his wife and their two dogs. If you ever need a story about anything at all, Branton has plenty that will leave your cheeks hurting from laughing.

Branton’s A Misinterpreted World is a stand up comedy show that will guaranteed to make you laugh! All performed in American Sign Language, Branton explains what it is like as a man living in a world full of misunderstandings due to being Deaf.

Here is a preview of A Misinterpreted World. If you are interested in booking his stand up comedy show : A Misinterpreted World, contact us!



My name is Keith Wann and I am labeled as American’s funniest comedian. I’ve been performing for over 15 years until one day, I went to a show and saw Branton Stewart. I have to admit, I am the America’s funniest, but he -the world’s funniest! I tell jokes relating to CODAS, family members, all of that superficial stuff, but Branton? He tell jokes throughout- Deaf Culture, Deaf Life, Deaf Experience. He reminded me of my dad’s style – when I was a little boy as a CODA, I always watch and explore his signing method of storytelling. A little warning, bring your own diapers, because you will wet your pants laughing during his show! Go watch his show. Go. Now!
Keith Wann

Branton Stewart grew up in Atlanta, Ga.  From an early age, he developed a passion to take pictures.  His father who was an avid photographer presented Branton a camera and taught him how to focus with a keen eye. Since then, Branton increased his devotion and creativity capturing the pictures with passion. It’s his pleasure to carry his father’s legacy. Branton travels around the world capturing life’s moments such as landscapes, people, and nature.  He is fascinated with night photography such as capturing the Milky Way. You will see the pictures that have the title that interpret Branton’s point of view on the world!

 Branton wants to share his beautiful work with you. He photographs what he sees and wants to share what God has created for you to appreciate and enjoy.

Breathtaking life-like colors, on thin and light metal sheet!

Branton Stewart Official Site also offer his beautiful photography work to be printed vividly on metal -a unique and upscale alternative to traditional canvas or photopaper. The sizes come in variety and don’t be scared to check out more of the metal prints on sale!


Branton’s Vlogs

When Branton isn’t on the road entertaining his audiences with hilarious shows, he can be found creating vlogs about his beloved Atlanta Falcons. Check out some of his latest videos.

2017 My NFL Enemy Fans Week 4

2017 My NFL Enemy Fans Week 3

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Branton likes to get email…unless they’re from ex-girlfriends or bill collectors? In that case, never mind.